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sessions - what to expect

complimentary consultation before any commitments are made, I'll call you to better understand what it is that you're looking to achieve through coaching.  During this time, you'll share your current situation, including what prompted you to reach out for coaching and what you're hoping to achieve. We'll review any questions you may have about me and what to expect. Finally, we'll decide if working together is a good fit for both of us.

first session should we decide to work together, our initial meeting will be a 'getting to know you' session. As you're sharing your story, I will be listening closely, picking up on cues and asking questions. Based on this conversation, we'll begin outlining goals and expectations as well as planning an appropriate meeting cadence.

future sessions - in these sessions, we'll check in on progress. We'll build on accomplishments, make any necessary adjustments, discuss growth, and plan next steps.  

every session - in every session, I deliver an environment that is completely confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental. Together, we'll work to discover keys to unlocking the answers you need to reach your goals. I will challenge you to work hard, dig deep, and find your calm!

all sessions conducted online via Zoom
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